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Messages from our fans...

"I've been meaning to write to you to let you know how much my son enjoyed Science Book Nook.  The first words out of his mouth when I picked him up were 'That was so fun.  Can I take that class again?'.  Thanks for all of your hard work promoting math and science to our community."  Sincerely, a Mom---

"Thank you for showing us things we don't know.  I'm really glad that we got to make goo.  Thank you for letting us go to the science center."  Sincerely, a Rim Rock Elementary student

"Thank you for letting us go to the science center.  I like the most of all making the goo.  Do you remember what we put in first.  We put in the 'gloow' then we put in the 'wodar' then we put in the food 'kuthring'."  Sincerely, a Rim Rock Elementary student.

"Thank you for 'shoing' us all your inventions.  I love it.  The spider is so cool.  The ball of 'elthricity' is again so cool.  The 'scorpyin' oen of the coolest things in all of the animals.  I love scorpin.  The punching thing that is cool too.  The tree frog and 'tinke' watch I love.  I love animals and those are so cool.  The end."  Sincerely, a Rim Rock Elementary student.

"Thank you for 'shoing' us your' inventins'.  I loved all of them.  I can't 'bielv' you made those things.  I wonder how you did it?  You 'gys' are 'asom'.  The 'woold' 'magnit' was 'rally' cool."  Love, a Rimrock Elementary student.

I wanted to provide some feedback on your page http://www.mathandsciencecenter.org/teaching/teacher-resources. I'm not sure if you are the correct person to contact but I wanted to let you know that as someone putting together some engineering resources for my students, your page was really helpful.  Thanks!"  An online reader

"Maggie was terrific with the kids!  I loved the activities and the way the room was set up -- just perfect for this age group.  I will incorporate the lesson that Maggie taught into my own lesson plans."  A preschool teacher

"Skyler, Thank you for coming to Clifton and spending time with our 2nd graders.  They loved the forces of motion activity."  Clifton Elementary Second Grade Teachers

"Thanks Skyler for helping. 'Your" so cool.  So is Reese.  The best."  Sincerely, a Clifton Elementary 2nd grade student

"Dear Presenter for Math/Science,  Thank you for the presentation, it was my very favorite!  Though it was all very interesting.  You have made me seriously thinking of becoming a engineer (marine engineer).  Thank you very much!"  a Middle School student

"Dear Math and Science Center, I want to thank you for a wonderful time when you came to our school.  I especially liked it when you taught us how to make a fossil!  If you want to, I would love it if you came back and taught us about potions and how to make them.  If there were a million Math and Science Centers, you would be my favorite one of all because you actuallly came to our school!  I really liked you coming to our school.  I had a lot of fun." Sincerely, a Holy Family fourth grader

"Dear Bambi, Thank you for the rocks and the shark tooth!  I learned so much about rocks and minerals.  I learned about the salt rock.  I like that rock!  I learned that the salt rock tastes like salt if you lick it.  Also, it can make you sick.  I told my parnets about that rock and they were surprised!  Thank you very much for coming to our school." Sincerely, a Holy Family fourth grader

"John, I'm so sorry I missed you on Thursday to say goodbye! I can't even begin to thank you enough for coming to our school and reaching out to our kids. Dianna, Alice (the school secretary) and I were talking on Friday about the gobs of children we heard talking incessantly about you and your science experiments! I had this one little boy talk to me for about 5 minutes about why hot water sits on top of cold water and heat rises....and another little boy stopped me in the parking lot to say he wants to be a scientist now when he grows up. Alice said there was a group of 5th grade girls in the office sitting around talking about all the great things you did in the classroom. Well, I could go on and on but the bottom line is this: what you do is invaluable and so appreciated and we can't thank you enough. You made an enormous impression on these kids; one they won't soon forget!" Head of the Silverthorne PTA

Dear Bambi,  What a gift you are to the children (and adults) of Grand Valley. Your presentation was sensational. The students were so excited that they got to take home their vials. They just loved putting them together, and learning about the monument. You presented right to their level. What a treat for us all.  Thank you again for your time, talent and patience. We really appreciated you and your presentation."  Sincerely, a Caprock Elementary School fourth grade teacher

"Dear Math and Science Center Volunteers,  I would like to thank you for a cool part of the awesome field trip.  it's amazing how much you know.  Maybe I can teach you something I know.  You guys (and gals) don't know how great your job is.  thanks for all the experiments you have.  Especially the lightning balls and tornado machines.  I can't wait to see the new exhibits coming soon.  Thanks again for the awesome field trip."  a Shelledy Elementary fifth grader

"Dear Dr. Coons and all the volunteers at the Math and Science Center:  My wife and one of our sons were in Grand Junction last weekend and, on a whim, we stopped by the Math and Science Center.  We were very pleasantly surprised with what we experienced.  The multiple exhibits which showcased how matha nd science are actually applied in our everyday lives were well set up, user friendly and educational.  It was a wonderful reprieve from the world of video games, etc.  What was specifically noteworthy was the ability to try all the activities personally in an informative, yet fun manner.  I think our son (and us adults as well) enjoyed digging deeper into different scientific principals as we explored the classroom and lab during our visit."  Greenwood Village, CO visitors

From an 8th grade participant in a summer math camp (To Infinity & Beyond):  In response to the question on the camp feedback form, "What did you like about the teachers?", he replied, "They were nice and unlike school teachers they actually taught us stuff."