Birthday Parties

Basic Party Package

  • Presentation/party room for 2 hours
  • Admission to Center for party guests (up to 15 children and 10 adults)
  • $90 for members (additional guests $5 per person)
  • $120 for non-members (additional guests $6 per person)
  • Additional options:
    • 15 gift bags for children - $15 (additional bags $1 per bag)
    • 15 invitations - $15 (additional invitations $1 per invitation)

Slime Party (ages 5-7)

Mix one part science, one part fun, and one part party celebration by experimenting with a hands-on slime-making activity that you can take home!

Dinosaur Party (ages 5-7)

Make your own fossils and have a monstrously fun time with other dinosaur themed activities!

Rocket Party (ages 8-10)

Make your own water or air rockets! This party is all about aerodynamics and good engineering design.

Volcano Party (ages 8-10)

What happens when we mix vinegar and baking soda? An erupting volcano! Become a chemist and a geologist with this explosive party theme

Shocking Electricity Party (ages 8-10)

Ever wonder why electricity makes your hair stand on end? Why you feel a shock when you touch a doorknob? Make objects move without touching them through hair-raising experiments. Your party guests will be shocked when they encounter the power of electricity!

Rocket Party (ages 11+)

Build and test rockets with real rocket motors. This party is out of this world! Minute to win it- Quick design challenges that must be solved in a minute each. Test your creativity and engineering skills and compete against your friends for prizes.

Crazy Chemistry Party (ages 11+)

You and your friends will use scientific instruments and a variety of chemicals to explore the world of chemistry!

Amelia Earhart Theme

Amelia Earhart was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean! She disappeared during an attempt to fly around the world. How far can you make your plane travel? This birthday theme will explore high-soaring planes and aerodynamics.

Sally Ride Theme

Sally Ride was the first American female to rocket into space. Do you think you can make a rocket that will make it to space? Shoot your birthday to the moon with your very own rocket!

Rosalind Franklin Theme

Dr.Franklin helped to discover the structure of DNA. This birthday theme is for aspiring biologists! Party guests will extract DNA from all kinds of fruit.

Reservations are required a minimum of 2 weeks prior to event (Saturdays only). Admission price includes entrance to the exhibits and use of the presentation room EXCLUDING access to integrated projection equipment. Decorations/cake/drinks allowed in presentation room but not provided by the Center. $25 refundable deposit required at time of booking; deposit may be applied to admission charges.